The Wurlitzer MediaPlayer

Here you find information about the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer. This jukebox is made and animated with Adobe Flash ®, Adobe Flash Builder ® and Adobe AIR ® and you can load your own MP3 and Flash video files into the jukebox that works like the real Wurlitzer 1015 One More Time (on the background).

My new Wurlitzer MediaPlayer is available now!

I have been working on a new desktop version based on the Wurlitzer 1015 One More Time CD.
The mediaplayer can play music and video, you can also play your favourite songs from Youtube or put your (own) playlist in the jukebox.

Where and how to download or buy the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer

My new application was (until 31 august 2011) available on the Adobe Marketplace., the latest version can be found on this page.
The mediaplayer has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7, not yet on Apple or Linux distributions.
My latest version (v1.4) will not use the Adobe Marketplace anymore, download and install the latest version from this page, you can use the trial version for 30 days.

The Youtube Player doesn't work anymore, it's not possible to play videos with Flash anymore

The Adobe AIR Runtime must not be updated anymore, because after a new update the jukebox will not work anymore!
If you have a newer version of Adobe AIR Runtime, uninstall this version and use the version on this page!

Download and install my latest version of the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer (v1.4)

First download and install the Adobe AIR runtime for Windows if not started automatically from the badge installer, then click on the Install now button and install the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer

To install this application you will need the Adobe Flash Player

Changes in v1.5 (build 20181026):
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Problems with crash while adding files solved (uninstall Adobe AIR runtime first and use this version of Adobe AIR Runtime)
Changes in v1.4 (build 20110920):
  • Added application menu (key F10)
  • Reorganized contextmenu
  • Youtube problem fixed
  • Improved Registration form
Changes in v1.3 (build 20110913):
  • Update mechanism bug fixed
  • Several bug fixes
Changes in v1.2 (build 20110910):
  • New license system to order a license or try a trial license
  • Easier selection of files on the Add Files Panel
  • Possible to choose another background picture
  • Help function implemented
  • Key functions for most used menu choices
  • Several bug fixes

Buy the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer


What can you do with the Wurlitzer MediaPlayer?

Play your music and videos with a real Wurlitzer 1015 One More Time

Load a playlist to play your music and (Youtube) videos

Play your favorite music videos from Youtube

Find and add your favorite music videos from Youtube

Add and play favorite albums in the jukebox

Play your local videos in the jukebox

Throw your coins in the coins-operator, enjoy the lights, bubbles and the animated CD player

Collect your own videos from the internet or from your local disk

Play, remove or add files to the Medialibrary

Add your local music and videos to the Medialibrary

Choose your own background image for the mediaplayer